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The Minnesota Vikings won 13 regular season games in the 2022 season and were undefeated last year in one-score games. That is, until they lost a crushing home playoff game against the New York Giants by just one score. Now, after losing two straight to open the 2023 season, the Vikings have lost three straight dating to last year by one score.

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Now that they’re 0-2 (as we predicted), there’s really nothing left to do but overreact, right?

That is absolutely correct.

Let’s take a look at three overreactions (that may not necessarily be true) from the Minnesota Vikings’ perspective after the team’s latest loss, which put them in an 0-2 hole entering this season.

3 Minnesota Vikings overreactions after Week 2 loss to the Eagles

1. The Minnesota Vikings were suitors last year.

It’s obvious, right? The Vikings won nine games by one score last season among their 13. They just got lucky. They were not as good as their record showed, and this is the proof of that.

It has to be that, right?

I’m not so sure. In fact, the Vikings looked pretty good in this game against the Eagles, especially early on with the task of defending Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. They gave up some big plays, but it wasn’t necessarily the defense that let the Vikings down in this game, it was the offense and the guys that kept turning the ball over.

With Kirk Cousins ​​playing like he has the last few seasons, I don’t think you can accurately call the Vikings pretenders, but that’s what people will try to say.

2. Brian Flores was an overrated offseason addition

If people are saying this after two weeks, I hope the cream rises to the top a little bit and the Vikings can start to put together some more complete games, because it looked like Brian Flores was absolutely cooking on Thursday night.

Again, the Eagles scored 34 points in this game largely thanks to the fact that the Vikings kept giving them the ball. The Eagles finished with 193 passing yards, and Jalen Hurts had multiple bombs to DeVonta Smith within those 193 yards.

Flores’ defense was really getting after Hurts, stifling him in the run game and they had a great pass rush scheme. Danielle Hunter, in particular, was dominant with three sacks that night. I think over time, Flores will prove to be one of the Vikings’ best moves of the year.

3. The Vikings should just make peace, trade everyone and go after Caleb Williams.

There are some really notable contract situations with Kirk Cousins ​​and Justin Jefferson casting a dark cloud over the Minnesota Vikings right now. Of course, you would like to see them continue playing together and victorious together, but will need adequate compensation.

I already saw and heard talking heads on ESPN the day after this Vikings loss to the Eagles saying that a trade for Kirk Cousins ​​could end up being their best route. I’m not so sure. Cousins ​​has played exceptionally well in recent years, but the situation with Justin Jefferson could dictate his future.

If the Vikings go 0-8 or something at the trade deadline, they might consider a sellout, but for now, I think this is a major overreaction.

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