Best Custom Jerseys NBA 30Q: Will Monte McNair make a big move this season?

30Q: Will Monte McNair make a big move this season?

30Q: Will Monte McNair make a big move this season? post thumbnail image
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Despite what you think about the moves Monte McNair made to improve the Sacramento Kings this offseason, the end result is a roster that looks a lot like the roster that lost to the Golden State Warriors in Round 1 of the 2023 NBA Playoffs I think it’s fair to say, insert all the caveats you want here, that the Kings are backing off and banking on internal upgrades, health, and some new options outside the rotation to improve.

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I also think it’s fair to say that it’s not a bad bet. It’s probably a sensible bet. There are enough good young players on this roster that internal improvement and new options on the fringes could be enough to ensure a deeper playoff run – a successful season by most critics. And I don’t think we’re just having the dreaded internal improvement Maloof era conversations once again. These young Kings actually have the ability to improve to the extent necessary to achieve better results next season.

However, if the Kings stumble and take a step back, an entirely possible outcome in an improved Western Conference, McNair will take some criticism for what he didn’t do. But we are not there yet. There’s a lot of basketball to play and a lot of exchanges where we’ll (probably) waste time arguing.

That brings us to today’s question: Will Will Monte McNair make a big move this season? Is it desperation because the Kings are struggling? Is it aggressive because the team is playing well and you want to turn this team into a legitimate title contender?

No one can answer that, but it seems like there’s a lot on the table for changes right now. OG Anunoby. Pascal Siakam. Karl-Anthony Cities. DeMar DeRozan. Pablo Jorge. Deandre Ayton. Zach LaVine. Bring Young. Mikal Bridges. Damian Lillard. James Harden. Some of those players make a lot more sense for the Kings than others, but there is a lot of discontent in the league and McNair has the assets to attack.

We know the Kings have had legitimate trade discussions about several of these players. I’m looking directly at OG Anunoby when I say this because he seems ideal considering cost, skills, position, and team needs. If OG is King at some point this season, I wouldn’t be surprised, and that addition would dramatically change the ceiling of this team. The Kings don’t need a savior. They need another one to legitimately make a difference.

Will McNair find one before the playoffs begin?


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