Amazon and Nielsen say an average of 16.6 million viewers watched Vikings-Eagles

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The new calculations are having the desired effect. More people are watching Thursday night football on Amazon Prime.

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Or, more accurately, Amazon Prime can claim that more people are watching.

With a revised Nielsen formula that ruffled the feathers of executives Of the NFL’s other streaming partners, Amazon Prime announced a total audience of 16.6 million viewers for Thursday night’s Vikings-Eagles game.

Nielsen, after constantly fighting with Amazon last year Regarding the accuracy of the numbers, it agreed to incorporate Amazon data into the calculation, raising it higher than in 2022. The NFL, aware of the importance of maximizing the perceived viewership of broadcast games to maximize the value of those games, supports fully this approach.

Frankly, it’s kind of surprising that Amazon doesn’t have reliable, verifiable, concrete numbers on Prime customers who watched the game. They know everything else about the things we click on. How can there not be a true and accurate number of how many have accessed the game stream?


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