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In a new interview with Sports Illustrated’s Bobby Krivitsky, seven-time First Team All-WNBA star Candace Parker offers insight into recent roster changes for the Boston Celtics.

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For many fans and analysts, trading Marcus Smart for Kristaps Porzingis was a risky move. But Parker sees the wisdom of Boston’s front office in trying something new.

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“Sometimes in the pursuit of a championship, there are some things that are unpopular but very necessary decisions,” he explained. “I don’t think you could have come back with the same core. You needed to keep Jaylen, you needed to keep Jayson, and I think the Celtics have struggled from that four or five position in the playoffs.

“Any time you can have someone like Kristaps, who is able to go out and knock down the 3-pointer, I think it will give more space to an offense that already creates and forces you to make decisions.

“I personally like him on the offensive end,” Parker offered. “I think you have to determine it defensively because I think that’s where Marcus Smart is going to be missed the most.”

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