Christie Whelan Browne Files Lawsuit Against Theater Company Over Rocky Horror Show Harassment Allegations | australian news

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A theater company has been sued for alleged failures to respond to actress Christie Whelan Browne’s allegations of sexual harassment during the 2014 Rocky Horror Show.

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Whelan Browne alleges she was a victim of Oldfield Entertainment, formerly known as GFO Entertainment, after filing complaints alleging that fellow actor Craig McLachlan had sexually harassed her during the musical.

She was contracted as a lead actress, playing the role of Janet Weiss in the 2014 premiere of Rocky Horror Show.

The lawsuit focuses on alleged discrimination experienced during the program and on Oldfield’s responses to her complaints from 2017 onward.

The federal lawsuit was only filed against the theater company behind the show and does not seek relief against McLachlan.

In December 2020, the actor was acquitted of four charges of sexually assaulting four women while playing Frank N Furter in 2014.

The Gold Logie winner has always denied allegations of wrongdoing.

Last year, McLachlan cited his mental health when he sensationally dropped his defamation case against Whelan Browne, Nine and the ABC over reports alleging sexual abuse.


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