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That included the use of prized offseason acquisition DJ Moore, who saw just two targets, caught both in succession and was otherwise not a featured member of the offense in his first game with Chicago.

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“It was definitely a disappointment,” Getsy said of Moore’s lack of participation. “There are a lot of reasons why things happen. The protection could have been broken on a particular play. Justin maybe just didn’t see something a particular way. There are a lot of things that go into that.

“We’re definitely calling plays for DJ, and he knows that. He wasn’t frustrated by any of that. Sometimes, that’s just the way the coverage dictates where the quarterback has to go with the ball, too.”

Moore and Fields should never have been expected to take the field and instantly connect 15 times for 200 yards and three touchdowns. Rarely does that happen between two new teammates playing together in their first game. But as time goes on, they will develop the confidence necessary to succeed, as long as Chicago can protect Fields effectively and consistently.

The Bears failed to do so last Sunday. Fields also failed to overcome this adversity, and when he attempted to push the limits of the offense against a stingy Packers defense, he paid the price in the form of a Quay Walker pick-six.

“I felt like we left a lot of things out,” Getsy said Thursday. “Our details weren’t good enough, and that’s the underlying fact that came out.”

All told, it wasn’t a great day for a quarterback Bears fans hope will take a significant step forward in 2023. But it’s just one game. As time goes on, Chicago hopes Fields and Moore will become a dynamic duo capable of elevating this unit to new heights.

“He’s going to be a big part of that plan,” Getsy said of Moore. “Whatever that percentage is, I don’t have a set number for each week that we make sure he hits 40 percent of the goals or anything like that, I don’t do that. But I know guys like him are an important part of our plan each week.

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