Do Preseason Stats Really Matter In The NBA? Shocking Truth Revealed!

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In the world of sports, statistics are the lifeblood of legacies. They can make the distinction between a player being remembered as a legend or just another face in the crowd. But here’s the twist – do preseason stats really matter?

Preseason games are essentially an extended practice session. They provide a unique opportunity for a new team to brush off the cobwebs, experiment with different player combinations, and regain their rhythm. However, when it comes to the ultimate goals like winning the conference or making it to the playoffs, pre-season performances usually don’t carry much weight.

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So, where does that leave player statistics during the pre-season? Well, they do count, but with a few caveats.

The NBA diligently tracks statistics during the pre-season, but here’s the kicker – these numbers don’t get added to a player’s regular-season tally. They can’t be used to determine the team standings or playoff spots, and, for the most part, they’re brushed aside as a statistical footnote.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope for those who put up impressive pre-season numbers. If a player is in the running for a prestigious award like MVP (Most Valuable Player) or Defensive Player of the Year, pre-season statistics may indeed come into play during the decision-making process.

So, while the pre-season typically consists of four to six games where teams can safely tinker with their lineup, test out unconventional player roles, or assess the viability of a new playstyle, don’t expect to see any let-up in player intensity.

Why, you ask? Because pre-season performance could be the very thing that sets an MVP apart from being a runner-up. With this kind of pressure, each player hits the court with a relentless determination to leave their mark and secure their spot in the limelight.

In summary, pre-season stats have a peculiar place in the world of sports. They don’t directly influence the regular season or playoff outcomes, but they can significantly impact individual accolades like the MVP or Defensive Player of the Year awards. So, when you tune in to those pre-season games, keep an eye out for players giving it their all – after all, you might just witness the birth of a legendary performance.

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