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It was a Bears postgame show on WGN, seething with so much anger that Dan Hampton can be heard catching his breath on the microphone after a prolonged rant.

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Hampton and Ed O’Bradovich, a Bears player from 1962 to 1971, recorded a postgame radio show on WGN radio following the Bears’ 38-20 loss to the Packers at Soldier Field.

Neither held back, especially in the volume or degree of their criticism.

“Eddie Jackson is playing like a clown,” Hampton said. “He’s not tackling and he’s wasting coverages in the end zone. (Chase) Claypool is a disgrace. He doesn’t block. Tremaine Edmunds, our big shot, $80 million linebacker, jumps in on that screen to (Aaron) Jones and they run .points our direction for a touchdown.”

If you’re using headphones to listen to your show, I recommend making sure the volume is at a low, appropriate level before you press play.

Anyway, yeah, the Bears dropped an absolute disaster at home against the Packers.

There were few positives from the game other than the play of Roschon Johnson, who averaged 4.0 yards per carry and showed great enthusiasm on the field, and Darnell Wright, who allowed three pressures in his first NFL game.

The Bears said they recognized Claypool’s effort, which Hampton calls a “disgrace,” and met with him about it. And for Sunday’s game everything is on the table, according to Eberflus. Does that mean some players, like Claypool, could be benched? He did not leave out that possibility.

“Yeah, we already visited him for that,” Eberflus said Wednesday of Claypool. “I think maybe it was Sunday after the game or Monday, but yeah, again, everyone saw the plays that… and again, the perimeter blocking needed to improve for all of us. And we’re going to get that done and work hard to achieve it.

“We are looking at all the possibilities right now. I’m not going to talk about who will be up or down in the game right now, for obvious reasons. We are considering all the things to improve our team: who is up, who will be up and who will be down in terms of the active workforce.

The radio duo didn’t hold back with Justin Fields either. O’Bradovich mentioned that he hasn’t believed in Fields from the beginning and called every season he played with the Bears a “mistake.”

The Bears’ caller admitted that his hesitation restricted his and the team’s play. He plans to work on better involving DJ Moore, who caught two passes Sunday, and Claypool, who didn’t catch a single pass.

“I felt like I was too conservative at times during the game,” Fields said. “Definitely, with guys like DJ and Chase on the outside, if we get one-on-one on the outside, we’ll potentially throw up and see what happens. With them, they’re great playmakers, and chances are they’ll be able to come.” up with a 50-50 ball. “I definitely want to give them more opportunities deep in the field.”

Rest assured, if no changes are made, the duo warns that the Bears are not trying to win.

“If Eddie starts on Sunday, that tells me you must not be trying to win, because Eddie has turned into a clown,” Hampton said.

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