“I’m in pain all the time”

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(Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images)

Lexie Brown revealed more details about the illness that kept her out of most of the WNBA season.

The Los Angeles Sparks guard missed 28 of 40 games this season due to a bacterial infection, which has required multiple surgeries, she revealed to reporters Wednesday.

The first surgery was performed in mid-June, when the infection was about to become septic, Brown said. While she returned to the court for three games in July, she ended up needing another surgery, which sidelined her for the rest of the season. And she will need one more surgery before she can move forward.

“My goal was always to come back,” he said. “My mentality was always to conquer this and get back on the court. And those were always the conversations we had. But my mind and my body just didn’t match.”

While dealing with the infection and recovering from his surgeries, Brown, 28, was often in “too much pain” to attend games or practices, or even leave his apartment.

“Day by day I am fine. I can do normal things. But I’m in pain all the time and it’s been really hard,” Brown said. “I can’t do any type of exercise at all. That’s also been one of the hardest parts for me. But I’m getting over it.”

In his 12 games, he averaged a career-high 12.4 points per game, as well as 2.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists. He also had a career-high 48.6% shooting percentage.

As Brown navigated her difficult health situation, she and the team offered few details. She opened up about her journey in a TikTok video in August, saying that the recovery process has been “much longer” and “much more difficult” than she expected. On Wednesday, she praised the Sparks for maintaining her privacy and offering their unwavering support.

“The team was incredible throughout this entire process. The organization was incredible. They kept everything extremely private, which I really appreciate, because it was hard when people had a lot of opinions and thoughts about what was really going on with me…

“I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I need to start visualizing positivity more, so I’ll be healthy for next season.”


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