Iowa Hawkeye Football 3, 2, 1: Western Michigan

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Our hawk eyes We are 3-0 but we are far from perfect. I predicted a score of 42-6 last week, and we more or less got there, 41-10, but it didn’t feel like a 31-point victory for much of the game. The Hawks trailed after the first quarter. Iowa got things going and consumed a celebratory Swarm Golden Ale (Exile Brewing) as a new post-game tradition.

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3 conclusions:

  • I continue to wait for our defensive line to take its game to a higher level. Joe Evans It’s been great, but I was expecting more disruption from this group. The Hawks’ D-line has been splitting reps, but I’d love to see Aaron Graves I Antonio Thompson getting more plays and stepping up and getting to the quarterback more consistently. Thompson showed freak athleticism blocking the punt against the Western Michigan Horses.
  • Our offensive line looked like an offensive line that Iowa would take on the field. If you subtract catch yards (I know this is a rule, so it is what it is), Iowa ran the ball 38 times for 287 yards with an average of 7.6 yards per carry. That is beautiful! Love me some football!
  • I wasn’t in love with our defensive backfield. There seemed to be some miscommunications that led to some big plays. A no-no for the Iowa defense. With any luck, Jermari Harris settles back into the routine more this week. I thought Deshaun Lee He looked good in Iowa’s first two games.

2 questions:

  • In my opinion, Iowa’s offensive line will determine how we do against State of Pennsylvania. The points will be an advantage (at least for us), but the Hawks need to run the ball effectively and keep Cade Mc Namara in the game. On the season, Penn State’s defense is allowing 11.7 points per game, 96.7 rushing yards (3.1), and ten sacks (3.3). We are not made for a gunfight. If the Hawks get a road win, it will be a 17-14 game at best.
  • Can Iowa limit Penn State’s big-play ability? Penn State always has skilled players. Heck, Penn State has guys who back up guys. Iowa was caught several times against Western Michigan with lead contention, and we had a breakdown in communication that led to a quick score. Those mistakes will spell our downfall in Happy Valley. I’m afraid our margin of error will be minuscule this week.

1 Celebration:

I reviewed my favorite plays from Saturday’s game. I am completely honest when I say that scoring a punt inside the one yard line is one of the best plays in the game. Tory TaylorHis clearance rate is a little low, but he continues to pin down his opponents deeply. It is a special teams weapon.

With the injury of Lucas LacheyIowa erick everything They will throw even more balls at you. It’s all that and a bag of chips. There were some great plays here, all made against Western Michigan.

The Hawks would do well to continue feeding No. 83.

Also, let’s leave this here. Adrian Clayborn was a veteran.

I am totally in favor of history repeating itself. Whiteout shmiteout. Let’s go hawks!


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