Minnesota Vikings: Is it time to knock him down in the 2023 season?

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The Minnesota Vikings are already 0-2 on the season after losing just four games in 2022. Is it time for this team to tear it all down in 2023? Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah already has a bit of a mess on his hands. From the looks of it, he’s trying to reshape this roster while remaining competitive. He parted ways with several veteran players during his brief tenure, but also attempted to fill the roster with younger players, including free agents and draft picks.

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The Vikings appeared to be historically lucky in 2022, winning all of their one-score games en route to a 13-4 record. They were unable to achieve a playoff victory, but the 2022 season was very encouraging for first-year head coach Kevin O’Connell. Now, in 2023, the team has already lost its first two games and the roster has problems everywhere.

Well, one of their problems is certainly not Kirk Cousins, who has been remarkably efficient to start the season. The main problem here with Cousins ​​is that he is 35 years old and has one year left on his contract. At some point, Minnesota is going to take a hit on a young quarterback, right? Cousins ​​is not someone who is going to lead a team to a Super Bowl, and that’s just an objective truth at this point.

He’s a high-floor, semi-high-ceiling quarterback, but he’s not elite and doesn’t have as much “oomph” as the best NFL quarterbacks have today. If nothing else, he has been incredibly consistent throughout his career and has produced quality numbers in every circumstance he has been in as a starter.

Minnesota also has some tough games left on its schedule in 2023, including matchups against the Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and its two divisional matchups with the Detroit Lions. Right now, the Vikings don’t feel like a playoff team in 2023, and I think it might be best for this team to start tearing it down more thoroughly.

The most obvious move here would be to trade Kirk Cousins, who surely has some value. A team like the New York Jets could surely use a quarterback of Cousins’ caliber, and I don’t anticipate Minnesota re-signing Cousins ​​in the offseason, and I don’t think he’d want to do that either, especially if the Los Vikings miss the playoffs.

With a new coaching staff and a new front office, I think it’s better for them in the long run to try more for a rebuild rather than a restructuring.

Should the Minnesota Vikings start knocking him down already in 2023?


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