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The project was laudable: getting choirs selected from a group of 7,000 French schoolchildren from diverse backgrounds to sing each country’s national anthem before Rugby World Cup matches.

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However, less than a week after the tournament, the plan was scrapped.

After a backlash from fans and commentators and the uncomfortable sight that the players were not completely synchronized with the choruses, organizers bowed to pressure Thursday by saying that the children’s voices from “Melee des Choeurs” They will be driven by “instrumental elements” when the hymns play. around the stadiums in the second week of the World Cup.

France, which plays Uruguay on Thursday, is among the nations that have already accepted the modified version of its anthem. The organizers hope that “final confirmation of all teams can be achieved in the next 48 hours.”

A passionate rendition of a national anthem can be seen as a final rallying cry by rugby teams before matches, with players seen shaking and even crying while singing them over the years. At least one Chile national team player cried after singing his country’s anthem before his World Cup debut against Japan on Sunday.

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