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By Miranda Ellis pampanewseditor@gmail.com

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Roll The Dice BBQ heads to Kansas City, Kansas on Wednesday, September 27 to compete in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue for the first time. The barThe becue will take place on the Kansas City Motor Speedway field.

“The American Royal is the largest barbecue competition in the world. They have teams from all over the United States and other countries. At last count, more than 530 teams have registered so far. They expect over 600 teams to compete this year,” said Chad Epperson, owner of the Roll the Dice BBQ trailer.

“It’s been one of my goals to do it, and this year it was determined where we could go. We will leave on Wednesday, September 27 and return on October 2. “It’s almost a week-long contest.”

Epperson will travel with his son, Bryson Epperson.

“Bryson is my right-hand man. He runs my smokers and prepares all the food. He has done very well and has participated in some cooking competitions. “He won a meat cooking contest and got a pretty high position doing other things,” Epperson said proudly of his son.

“We have won competitions and we have obtained very good results in them. We went to one in Lubbock about a month ago and got very, very high scores. So, I’m very excited about the arrival of this one. Our goal is simply to receive a call. “If you’re even in the top 20 out of 600 teams, it’s incredible.”

Although Epperson and his son won’t leave for two weeks, the menu is already planned.

“We’re going to have ribs, brisket, pork, chicken and then we’ll do a sausage category and a smoked turkey category. One of the nights we are meeting up with some friends of ours from East Texas and we are going to have nachos,” she shared.

Pampa News wishes Chad and Bryson the best of luck in the contest. Safe travels!

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