This Change In NFL Power Rankings Surprised Everyone

This Change In NFL Power Rankings Surprised Everyone
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This Change In NFL Power Rankings Surprised Everyone: The Philadelphia Eagles (2), Kansas City Chiefs (3) and San Francisco 49ers (4) remain at the top of the league, while the Carolina Panthers (30) and Arizona Cardinals (32) compete at the bottom.

In between, we saw our expectations rise for some and fall for others. Some have done a little of both.

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This Change In NFL Power Rankings Surprised Everyone

Now that we’re about halfway through the season (some teams have played nine of their seventeen games, others eight), it seems appropriate to look back at how our perceptions and ultimately our ratings have changed. NFL power rankings entering Week 10 of the 2023 season (previous rankings in parentheses):

The happy surprises – so far

  1. Ravens (2) jumped to the top of the USA TODAY Power Rankings this week with a 34-point win over the now 5-3 Seahawks. The Ravens (7-2) were eligible for a playoff competition — No. 8 — when the season started, but after some early stumbles they have won four straight games and allowed the fewest points per game (13.8).

AFC South: Most pundits expected the Titans to be in the middle of the pack, which they are. But the 15. Texans (22) and 17 Colts (21)? Most also thought top rookie quarterbacks would only be part of the team’s rebuild. With last-second heroics like last Sunday, Houston QB CJ Stroud has helped the Texans to a 4-4 record. And even without injured rookie QB Anthony Richardson, the Colts are one win away from .500.

  1. Bengals (10) and, to a lesser extent, 14. Chargers (14) have reversed the trajectories of their seasons. Bengals Joe Burrow is looking more like the quarterback he was in Super Bowl 56 as Cincinnati has won four in a row. The 4-4 Chargers are on a two-game winning streak – the last win, of course, coming against the Jets in the category below.

The Unfortunate Surprises – So Far

No. 18 Jets (15) are 4-4 and in the middle of the pack, but they started the season at No. 6 with hopes that now-injured QB Aaron Rodgers could jump-start their offense. With Zach Wilson back at quarterback, the team is averaging just one offensive touchdown per game. On the other side of the Rodgers trade, 26. Packers (28) hopes have sunk, even though they picked up a win in Week 9 against the Rams – another team in this category.

The 29th-ranked Patriots (27) are averaging just over two touchdowns per game, while the 31st-ranked Giants (26) have scored just over 11 points. Both have fallen into the NFL cellar with just two wins each. As of Tuesday, the Giants were more than two touchdown underdogs to the 5-3 Cowboys. Oddsmakers have the Colts ahead in their 9:30 a.m. ET meeting with the Patriots in Frankfurt, Germany.

The 21st-ranked Buccaneers (19) and 23rd-ranked Rams (16) have both returned to Earth after surprising starts. The 3-5 Buccaneers were on the losing end of Stroud’s 470-yard, 5-TD breakthrough last week and now face the Titans with their rookie QB Will Levis, who at times looked like he could be Tennessee’s quarterback of the future. The Rams get their bye week, hoping to turn their season around. They have gone 1-4 since the return of WR Cooper Kupp.

NFL Week 10 games, odds, and TV schedule

The searchable list below shows every upcoming scheduled and unscheduled matchup. For example, if you just want to see the remaining Kansas City Chiefs schedule, just type “Chiefs” into the search bar. Or, if you want to see the Week 12 games, just type WC 12.

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