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The Utah Jazz’s expectations for the 2023-2024 season remain up in the air.

The Utah Jazz are a very interesting team. They’re Occam’s Razor of basketball teams (thanks to The Big Bang Theory for teaching everyone that idea), they’re both a rebuilding team and a contending team, and we won’t know which until the season actually starts. The Jazz have pieces that make you think they can compete, with All-Star Lauri Markkanen, defensive dynamo Walker Kessler, a number of good FIBA-level players who showed off their skills, a potential emerging star in John Collins and a group of newbies.

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But we also have enough reasons to worry about the Jazz, namely, the rookies are unproven, the team’s perimeter defense is lacking, they don’t have a true point guard, and while the team is deep, it’s not exactly heavy, with only Lauri Markkanen He looks like a true All-Star heading into the season.

Right now, the NBA community seems split down the middle, with half of the experts talking about them being in the playoffs and the other half talking about seeing them with a high draft pick. Which one is going to happen? We have no idea, but Bleacher Report seems optimistic about the Jazz.

Andy Bailey named the Jazz as one of five teams he believes are being underrated heading into the 2023-2024 season. It’s a ranking of the top five teams, and the Jazz came in at number 5, but they still made the list. Bailey believes the Jazz could finish in the 40-plus wins department, a fair number.

And honestly, yes, the Jazz are a team that is being underrated. The addition of the rookies and Collins, without losing much more than when they led the West, has a lot of people talking. However, if we’re being fair, it would also be easy to say that they would be viewed as a contender if they still had someone like Mike Conley at point guard.

Position insecurity has to be the main factor why a team like the Jazz is “underrated” and not just a contender.

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