Ensure your LG Smart TV is compatible with NFL Sunday Ticket by referring to the official website's list of supported devices

Get access by subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket on their website, choosing the package that suits your needs 

Install the NFL Sunday Ticket app on your LG TV by accessing the LG Content Store and searching for the app 

Launch the app, sign in with your subscription credentials, and get ready to watch live games, highlights, and more 

Adjust your TV settings for the best picture quality, ensuring a clear view of touchdowns and tackles 

If you have a home theater system, enhance your experience by turning up the surround sound for full immersion 

Don't forget to prepare snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching the games – a classic part of the football experience 

Share the excitement with loved ones – the more, the merrier for a football gathering 

With everything set up, grab your remote, relax, and savor the football action on your LG Smart TV 

Watching NFL Sunday Ticket on your LG Smart TV is now a breeze. Just follow these steps and make the most of the game day experience