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Former NFL Player: ‘Wide Receivers Need a Quarterback, Not the Quarterback Needs Weapons’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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Did Justin Fields show his true colors on Sunday against the Packers? Or was it a coincidence?

One former NFL player, now analyst, LeSean McCoy, believes this is what Fields is now. He considers the excuses of not having weapons or an offensive line to be absurd.

“They say, ‘It can’t be Justin Fields! It’s some of the linemen and he has no weapons,'” McCoy said in talk live. “I said, ‘Cool, you know what? Maybe I’m tripping, let me look at it.'” They have a new offense, some new pieces, maybe it’s a new Justin Fields.

“The problem is that wide receivers need a quarterback, not the quarterback needs weapons. It’s the same results. Justin Fields is a tremendous athlete, he’s really good at fantasy football. We’re talking about something real, they need Start treating him the same way you treat Zach Wilson.”

Interesting point to finish. How far is Fields from being rejected like Wilson was last season with the Jets? Are Bears fans overreacting or is it time to move on to a new sign?

McCoy argued that Fields has nowhere to hide. The Bears have new pieces on the offensive line, DJ Moore, Darnell Mooney as a secondary option and Chase Claypool. He has everything he needs, it’s up to him to execute and deliver a productive offense.

Is it time for the Bears to consider moving on from Fields?

The rest of the season will give them the answer.

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