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It’s almost time for clocks to “fall back” one hour as California enters the end of daylight saving time.

At 2 a.m., November 5, the clocks will turn back, giving people a chance to sleep in one extra hour.

Daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday of November, according to Timeanddate.com. This means that sunrise and sunset will be earlier and that there will be more sunlight in the morning.

This comes as the Northern Hemisphere approaches the autumnal equinox on September 23, which marks the first day of autumn.

In the following days, leading up to the winter equinox on December 21, the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

When does daylight saving start again?

Daylight saving time starts on March 10, 2024.

At 2 o’clock the time jumps forward one hour.

Not everyone will change the time

Not all states practice daylight saving time.

Under the Uniform Time Act, states can choose to join or remain in standard time throughout the year. For example, only Hawaii and most of Arizona observe permanent standard time.

There have been moves in California and across the country to establish a permanent time.

In 2021, Senator Marco Rubio proposed permanent daylight savings across the country with the Sunshine Protection Act. It passed the Senate in March 2022, but is still waiting for the House of Representatives.

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